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Changng your MIndset

Have you ever considered, what type of mindset do I have? When things happen, what do I tell myself? The self-talk I have, is it negative, positive or indifferent? Do you expect the best out of life or do you … Continue reading

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New puppy as Family Member

We now have a new family member. No…I did not have a baby! Heavens No! I am a new phase mom but not that brand new. My baby days are over so I thought. Well, Z has a new puppy. … Continue reading

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When Should You Retire?

When should I retire? I have been pondering this question for quit some time now. What will I do? Do I want to retire from my current place of employment just to start new somewhere else? Do I want to … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Yay!!! I have finally did it “started a blog” instead of constantly thinking about it. I have read various blogs but never done my own. It is great to be here. As a wife and a mother of 2 college … Continue reading

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