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Is 40 the new 20?

Some celebrities are calling 40 the new 20 while displaying toned bodies great skin and a youthful attitude. But less not forget what 40 really mean. Hormonal changes, mood swings, health changes and an increase in sex drive for women … Continue reading

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Our Young Women of Today

What is going on with the current generation? I know that I have turned into my mother but I don’t seem to understand the value system or lack thereof from the young women 18 and above these days. Again, I … Continue reading

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40 and over

I had always heard that once you turn 40 everything changes especially if you are a woman. Your attitude changes you go through mood swings you experience hormonal changes are just to name a few. Well when I turned 40…oh … Continue reading

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Staying Positive All Day

Have you ever tried to stay positive all day regardless of the circumstances that may occur? How difficult was it? Did you succeed? The gurus tell you, all you have to do are to just think positively and you will … Continue reading

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