40 and over

I had always heard that once you turn 40 everything changes especially if you are a woman. Your attitude changes you go through mood swings you experience hormonal changes are just to name a few. Well when I turned 40…oh my goodness..is all I can say. The world skipped a beat and everything changed.

I use to be a person that wants to please everyone and would go along to get along. Well….I felt the change when I was at work one day and my Administrator made a comment to me and I began to sweat. I got hot all of a sudden and I could feel my attitude changing from mellow to irritated rather quickly. I did everything I could do to maintain my composure without telling her.. no you did not say that to me! I had to get out of her office quickly. I walked into the lady’s room and into a stall and began to unbutton clothing to cool off and calm down. I thought to myself…. what in the world is going on?  I later mentioned the situation to my mom and she told me that I just turned 40 and I was changing.

Another time….I was at my then daughter’s high school football game because she was the Drum Major for the band. I was sitting on the side of the band with some of the other parents and of course high schoolers were sitting all around us. The high schooler’s were doing what they do…talk about each other and using profanity. Well…I was doing my best to ignore them but it got to be too much. The students began dancing in the rows, falling all over each other and at that point I decided that I had enough. A friend that was sitting next to me that is older saw my frustration and suggested that we move to the very top of the bleachers out of the kids way. I said hurry up, my nerves are bad and they have gotten on the last one. She replied mine too…lets move. Needless to say we moved but I could not wait for the game to be over. I did not care if the school won or lost. I was ready to go!

Let’s not forget about the hormonal changes your body goes through. Of course some people experience hot flashes, unwanted hair growth on the face, and mood swings. Now as I mentioned earlier, I do have hot flashes when I become irritated. But, the unwanted facial hair drives me crazzzzy. Of course, everyone does not experience the facial hair and I wished I was one of them. The mood swings ….lets just say, I can’t tell when I am having them but my family and friends can. I can tell when something is not quite right because they will ask me…are you okay?  I reply with…yes I am…WHY!!!  This is when they will tell me I am acting moody. My rely….just deal with it…and later I would usually apologize for acting irritable.

Let’s not forget how some women will go through drastic physical changes as well. I have known some women to get tattoo’s, cut their hair, gain weight, lose weight or just go through a complete wardrobe change. Now, what I did was cut my hair. I have had long hair all my life. Well…when I turned 40 I felt like cutting my hair. When I cut it…I CUT IT! My mom thought I lost my mind. My daughter loved it! She said it gave me a new sassy look. My son didn’t care, he liked it either way. My husband…just looked and told me …I love you with long hair or short hair, it doesn’t matter. My coworkers…were SURPRISED and did not know what to say. But it was my thing to do at the time and I LOVED my new look.

Reaching 40 also brings about a new awareness of your health. You begin to pay more attention to your health and start to eat better as well as incorporating exercise into your daily activities. This is also the time to begin getting mammograms and regular checkups. Preventive health care is key at this point in your life. It does not have to be any thing drastic at first just small changes that you can maintain everyday. Begin with taking the stairs at work, include more vegetables and fruit in your diet, drink more water and tea instead of sodas and begin some type of physical activity weekly. This could mean walking, biking, yoga or the like. Whatever you do…just make sure it is something that can be maintained.

Now that I am 40+…I look back on my changes and all I do is smile. I have settled into this new phase and I AM ENJOYING it.

About nextphasemom

I am a married mother of 2 college age children. Now that my children are grown attending college and working I find myself lost and wondering what to do with myself. In my loneliness I thought I would do what I love and that is write. Now that I am at retirement status I look forward to creating the next phase of my life. To start I am expressing myself through writing. It has always been relaxing for me so I thought I would share some of my thoughts. I am also a self-help fanatic and I try to live an inspired life daily. On occasion I am able to encourage and inspire those around me in a no nonsense way. For those that know me know that when you ask me for my opinion that you will get "the truth"; they know that if you don't want "the truth" don't ask me. No....I am not rude or abusive. I just point out ideas or points of interest that they have not considered or don't want to accept. A lot of my friends call me "the counselor". No..I am not a certified professional counselor but I love psychology. My degree background is business and I am employed in Customer Service. So talking to people on a regular basis is what I do to assist them in finding solutions. Well that is enough about me for now....to be continued because I am ever changing. Take your time to look around and please leave a comment so I will know that you stopped by...until then.
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