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When Life Happens….

I am no different from many others that had plans for my life. You know the usual, going to college, getting married, having a killer career, having a family and retiring to enjoy my golden years doing whatever I want. … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of communication when using technology

Are there disadvantages of communication when using technology? I believe so. Whatever happened to picking up the telephone and talking with people? It still works. Actively talking with another person when possible enhances your interpersonal skills and offers such a personal touch. … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons from a 40+ yr perspective

Every day is a new day to incorporate change Your everyday life is in constant flux whether you realize it or not. Today is not the same as yesterday nor will it be the same tomorrow which is why I … Continue reading

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Companionship in your 40”s?

How Important is Companionship in your 40s? I have often thought, how important is companionship in the height of your life? I have heard some women say, “I don’t need a man”. Of course you may not need a man … Continue reading

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Inspired Everyday Living

Every day Brings Inspiration Today I took off work to take time out for myself. It started with getting my hair done. This usually takes a couple of hours because it is a very involved process of getting a perm, … Continue reading

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Growing up at 40

The Growing Pains of 4o Now that you are 40 or 40+ years old, are you ready for all the changes that are taking place in your body? It is almost like turning 13 all over again. The new changes … Continue reading

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