Companionship in your 40”s?

How Important is Companionship in your 40s?

I have often thought, how important is companionship in the height of your life? I have heard some women say, “I don’t need a man”. Of course you may not need a man so I guess the question is do you desire a man or what he can provide in companionship? I guess some women may not desire a man at all so I am not speaking to that persuasion nor am I judging it. But to those that do…how important is companionship to you at this time in your life?

My sister and I have had a compelling conversation about this very subject. She is now single when she was once married. She dates occasionally and enjoys going out but she stated that she would like a companion.

Anyway, my husband decided that we should go out to breakfast. I was too happy to oblige because this eliminated my need to cook. So I jumped at the chance.

We went to our favorite place for breakfast Cracker Barrel and had my favorite dish, french toast and with blackberry fruit topping and turkey sausage. Boy was it delish! My husband had his usual, the Uncle Hershelwhich included: eggs, biscuits, white gravy, grits, cheese fried hash browns, ham, bacon, and sausage. But enough about food, we laughed and talked about work, the holidays and any number of things. After we ate I could not leave the restaurant without looking around at the Holiday decorations that were being sold. I love this time year. Everything seems more festive with the different holiday décor. They were selling decorations for all three of holidays at once, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I enjoyed our time spent together. It was not a special occasion of any sort. It was just breakfast on an ordinary day. It is this interaction I wonder if it is important?

I can only speak for me. I enjoy my husband’s companionship. It is a time we spend together to maintain our relationship of why we got married in the first place. Yes we got married because we love each other but it goes much deeper for us. We really love spending time with one another. We have a lot of things in common and nothing is considered off limits when it comes to conversation. We enjoy a number of activities together. But the thing that bonds us best is communication. It is a daily ritual of ours to discuss our day when we get home from work. Our ability to share our lives together is what I cherish the most.

I know you can enjoy your girl friends as companions and that is fine. It is just that when you are able to find friendship in your relationship. This alliance could prove to be great companionship.

This brings me back to my original question.

As a woman in your 40’s is companionship important for you?

Companionship comes in a lot of forms so is it important to you? Girl friends can be your companion but do you also desire that same relationship with a man? My sister and I discuss a lot of things. When we are troubled we counsel and uplift one another. We have shopped together, I say shopped because she lives in another state; when we are together we will shop, dine and do most anything but it is not the same. She relates the same.

So I guess…I would just like to know, how important is companionship to you?

My mother of 65 has a male friend that she has known all of her life. My mother has been divorced for several years. However, it is a joy to see them together. My mother also has a bff that is a woman and the interaction is a little different. Yes they laugh about the times of raising their children going through divorce with their husbands but somehow it does not seem the same. Is it the same with you?

As a woman of 40+ I know for myself that my patience is short and I have times when I don’t want to be bothered. But I still enjoy companionship. When the hot flashes take over and the hormones are in full bloom I don’t want to be around anyone…hahaha…and I know you understand which is why I believe that a man has a role to play. During this time I know when to call it quit and he gives me space until I return to normal. 🙂

What about you?

About nextphasemom

I am a married mother of 2 college age children. Now that my children are grown attending college and working I find myself lost and wondering what to do with myself. In my loneliness I thought I would do what I love and that is write. Now that I am at retirement status I look forward to creating the next phase of my life. To start I am expressing myself through writing. It has always been relaxing for me so I thought I would share some of my thoughts. I am also a self-help fanatic and I try to live an inspired life daily. On occasion I am able to encourage and inspire those around me in a no nonsense way. For those that know me know that when you ask me for my opinion that you will get "the truth"; they know that if you don't want "the truth" don't ask me. No....I am not rude or abusive. I just point out ideas or points of interest that they have not considered or don't want to accept. A lot of my friends call me "the counselor". No..I am not a certified professional counselor but I love psychology. My degree background is business and I am employed in Customer Service. So talking to people on a regular basis is what I do to assist them in finding solutions. Well that is enough about me for be continued because I am ever changing. Take your time to look around and please leave a comment so I will know that you stopped by...until then.
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