The Monkeys are trying to take over….


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This morning when I got up to do my usual ritual, meditate and read something spiritual. I found it quit difficult to get my mind under control.

You see I have what has been described as a “monkey mind”.

My thoughts were running all over the place and I could not reach that quite place within.

If you are unfamiliar with the term monkey mind, it is a Buddhist term and has been described as restlessness, anxiety, indecisive, and uncontrollable. This morning the monkeys were running wild. I simply could not settle my mind at all. I mean, I was doing the breathing technique, where you focus on your breath, but somehow I guess I just wasn’t into meditation. I had been doing well for the past three weeks but this morning was different. I am new to meditation and I have read that you should not force the process; it should be a natural one. It was at this point I decided to try later in the day. Possibly before I retire to bed and I will use one of my guided meditation tapes to assist me in falling to sleep.

But anyway…..

My mind was all over the place.

I was constantly thinking of the book I just finished reading, what to eat for dinner, what book to read next, sticking to my no meat fast until Tuesday, what appetizers I needed to pick up for the retirement celebration later in the week for work and so many more things. My monkey mind has always ran all over the place with so many ideas, concepts, what I need to do, what hasn’t been done until it is sometimes hard for me to just relax. Guided meditation works best for me but for the last three weeks I have been meditating and journaling my thoughts afterwards and up until now, things had been going fine. I guess this morning I was feeling especially anxious, about what, I have no idea.

So, I decided to go for a walk.

When my husband arrived home this morning, he works nights, he suggested we go for a walk and take Tonee our boxer shih tzu mixed out. This was a great idea because as I stated I had previously decided to go for a walk anyway. I was ready. I felt the walk would calm my anxiousness and it allows me to get in a little exercise.20130127_10121820130127_100333

We love walking at our local park. It has trails, lakes, ponds, horses, and buffalos. The scenery is exceptional. The trails were calling us. As we walked and I began to take note of the scenery and enjoy the tranquility of the park, feel the cool winter breeze blowing against my face, my mind begin to clear. The more we walked the more tranquil my mind became. The monkey mind was coming under control.

The park is place of serenity for me and today was no different. I don’t know if it is possible to meditate and walk at the same time but that is what I was able to do. My mind was clear, quiet and even tranquil.

I felt really relaxed and at ease.


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We arrived at the end of our three mile trek and I felt wonderful. My mind was clear and the monkeys were gone. They were quiet and at peace for now.

I realize walking maybe an unconventional antidote but it worked and the monkeys were gone. Of course I am limited to the opportunities I can get out in the park, and there are other techniques to relieve the monkey mind. To get a better understanding of those techniques, please check out my fellow bloggers Zen Mama at the Zen Mama’s Blog, Marcus Santer’s blog and Inspired Day by Day’s Blog. Zen Mama has some great pointers to use and follow in her blog How to Calm Your Monkey Mind, Mind Mastery Made Simple  and check out Taming our Monkey Minds for additional information.

About nextphasemom

I am a married mother of 2 college age children. Now that my children are grown attending college and working I find myself lost and wondering what to do with myself. In my loneliness I thought I would do what I love and that is write. Now that I am at retirement status I look forward to creating the next phase of my life. To start I am expressing myself through writing. It has always been relaxing for me so I thought I would share some of my thoughts. I am also a self-help fanatic and I try to live an inspired life daily. On occasion I am able to encourage and inspire those around me in a no nonsense way. For those that know me know that when you ask me for my opinion that you will get "the truth"; they know that if you don't want "the truth" don't ask me. No....I am not rude or abusive. I just point out ideas or points of interest that they have not considered or don't want to accept. A lot of my friends call me "the counselor". No..I am not a certified professional counselor but I love psychology. My degree background is business and I am employed in Customer Service. So talking to people on a regular basis is what I do to assist them in finding solutions. Well that is enough about me for be continued because I am ever changing. Take your time to look around and please leave a comment so I will know that you stopped by...until then.
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3 Responses to The Monkeys are trying to take over….

  1. Grndma Chris says:

    Love the post, I agree walking is terrific for relaxation. Il have to check out your friends blog, every little bit helps in this busy world.

    • nextphasemom says:

      I try to walk as often as possible as the weather permits during this time of year. It is soooo relaxing and it helps me focus and provide inspiration.
      Yes, please visit thier blogs on the monkey mind. They provide helpful information in that area.

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