Summertime Activities for Teenagers

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It is the start of summer and school is out, what do you have planned for your teenagers? Now is not the time for your teenagers to hang around the house idle and without definite plans for the summer. Teenagers should be engaged in some type of activity to keep them busy and to ward off boredom.

The three summertime activities to consider for teens to remain productive during the summer months are: working a summer job, volunteering, or attending a class.

While summer is a time for vacation and relaxation, it is also a time to maintain a productive level of learning for your teen. The level of learning should encompass what the teen should know as a young adult as well as a continual student. Take this time to determine what is best for your teen, of course fun should not be left out but it should not necessarily be the primary focus.

The summertime activities for teenagers can be a great opportunity in building character by incorporating structured pastimes.

The activities of:
• Working a summer jobteens applying for jobs

This is a great opportunity to teach your teen the concept of earning, saving and spending money. When the teen earns his/her own allowance and is encouraged to practice a budget, it creates the responsibility of where and when to spend money. The take away from this could be the foundation of how the teen relates to money as an adult.

If the teen cannot find a part-time job, the encouragement to create an opportunity should not be eliminated. If your teen is a boy, he can be encouraged to cut the neighbor’s lawn, clean up garages and wash cars for neighbors for a fee. If your teen is a girl, she can be encouraged to babysit for neighbors on a Saturdays to enable mothers to run errands for a small hourly fee.

• Volunteering

teen voluntter courtesy of cityoflifecdc.orgWhen your teen volunteers, it teaches him/her to give back to the Community.
The act of doing for others that are less fortunate, elderly or assisting others is a great character builder. It lets your teen know that we as a Community are all connected to one another and that no man is an island.

There may be volunteering options at your local children’s hospitals, senior living communities, local community centers, daycare centers, YMCA and YWCA agencies.

Volunteering also fosters giving. Giving of your time to help others is a valuable resource when taught to your teen at an early stage. Consequently, the ability to give back puts the teen in position to receive gifts of talents, time and resources from others as well.

• Taking a classteen class courtesy of

The summertime is also a great time to take a class. The class does not have to be limited to education but for fun as well. Classes for tutoring in areas where the teen could use additional instruction should be considered if needed. All classes should be considered such as swimming, art, karate, music, driving or almost anything that interest your teen should be considered. Learning can be fun if the correct approach is taken at this time, after all it is summertime.

Summertime is a great family time of vacation, but if planned properly it can also serve as a time to maintain productivity for a young teen.

But don’t wait too long to spring into action because of the various deadlines on classes, limited opportunities on part-time jobs and volunteer options.

The age of your teen should be considered when taking into account any of the above mentioned activities to ensure your teen gets the most out of the opportunity.

Enjoy the summer!

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  3. Probably i’ve to disagree with you, if you search in google, you can find info completely different what you said, so who should i believe ?

    • nextphasemom says:

      You should believe what resonates with you. I am believer that information is not new only how it is just translated and how it can be applied to your life and made as your own. I posted what I personally practiced with family when they were young and now they are adults. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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