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Should Corporeal Punishment Be Allowed in Schools?

Now that school has started and the kids are back into the swing of things, with today’s youth and their behavior, how should the school address discipline? I remember back in the day if you got in trouble you were … Continue reading

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Keep Talking to your Teenagers

Have you ever wondered if your teenagers listen to you when you are talking to them concerning life? I use to wonder that very question until recently. You see, I have started back walking for exercise and my daughter of … Continue reading

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The television influence on teenagers

I was flipping through the channels and ran across a show called The Bad Girls Club. This is a show I have never watched so I decided to find out why it is called The Bad Girls Club. Well, it … Continue reading

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21 st Century Grandmothers

Now that I am older but not a grandmother yet, I have come to understand the different aspects of possibly being a grandmother. Being a 40’s kind of woman really sheds new light on a lot of different phases in … Continue reading

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