Are You Living Your Beliefs?

I have created a 90 day video challenge to implement change for myself.  I am currently up to video 13 and I thought you guys may be interested in what I have been doing. I have posted all the previous videos on YouTube.

So, are you living your truth, your beliefs? Everyone has a set of beliefs but the important question is, do you live by those beliefs or are they just a set of beliefs that you accept?

As I was considering this concept, I thought I would do a short video (to honor my 90 challenge). You are welcome to leave a comment or suggestion below.

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Make a Decision!

This is day 3 of my challenge to implement change into my life. My tip for today is to make a decision. If you want to see significant changes in your life you must make a choice to implement change so you may receive a different result from what you are currently experiencing.

Yes, I have made a choice to implement change into my life and it wasn’t a choice I arrived at easily.  To learn more…watch the video below….

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90 day challenge to implement change #2 Don’t Procrastinate

I need to stop procrastinating…

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90 day challenge to implement change

While driving the other day I thought about all the changes “I say” I want to make in my life. It was at that moment when I realized I needed to do more than add lip service. I needed to take immediate action if I wanted any amount of change to occur. But at the same time I knew I had to be honest with myself. You see, I am a good starter of things but at times when I tend to grow bored, I will jump on to the next big interest. So I have vowed to make a change, to make a commitment to myself to implement the knowledge I have obtained over the years from reading my many self-help books. It is a known fact that knowledge is power only when that knowledge is implemented. Now it is time to take action!

take-action2.gif courtesy of

In my desire to take action is when I arrived at the idea of giving myself a challenge, a 90 day challenge to implement change into my life.

I wanted to give myself purpose and a reason to continue to follow through. Yes I have challenged myself in other ways such as partnering with a friend for accountability but this time I wanted to make it interesting. After going over several options I finally arrived at one option that would totally take me outside of my comfort zone, which is another reason I wanted to implement change. That option was to not only journal my process but to film a video as well. But hold on, not only to film a video but to post it to YouTube, daily.

GrandCanyonWomanPermanentChange.jpg courtesy of

Am I crazy?

Hmmm…well maybe just a little bit but I wanted to do something that was totally not normal for me hence the reason for making the 90 day challenge in the first place.

I knew if I made it a public challenge and I posted for everyone to view I had to follow through and it would serve as my daily purpose. I don’t know about you but I have found that my mind functions better when I have given myself a purpose. No, I am not focusing on a particular goal but it is the process I am after at this point. Yes I have a goal to complete the challenge of course but in this case it is the process of making permanent changes I want to implement into my life I am really after.

There is another reason I wanted to challenge myself to change, I have decided I am going to take my retirement. But in the process of taking my retirement I knew I needed something else do daily. I knew I did not want to take another “job” that I had to report to but I wanted to incorporate myself into the home business community. For me to do that successfully I knew I had to change some natural habits and the best way for me complete the mind shift was to challenge myself. This daily mind shift will give me a daily purpose and allow me to become more productive.

second lifeI am really excited about the new changes I will be incorporating into my life. It is like I am starting a new chapter, adding a new phase to my life, the next phase, the next phase where the focus is on me and not my now grown children.

A 90 day challenge to implement change into my life is just what I need at this time.

My family is very supportive and excited as well.

But of course I don’t want to be the only one excited about change; I want to invite you on my journey to join me to make changes to your own life. No I don’t expect you do anything as extreme as make a video but you are welcome to tag along with me and leave me your comments of changes you are incorporating into your life as well. I welcome the company and look forward to reading your comments and celebrating small implements of change into your you accept the challenge pic courtesy of

I have already started my challenge. I have posted my first video early this morning. And so it begins…..

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Keep Talking to your Teenagers

talking to teenagers

Have you ever wondered if your teenagers listen to you when you are talking to them concerning life?

I use to wonder that very question until recently.

You see, I have started back walking for exercise and my daughter of 22 has decided to accompany me.

There is a great park in our area with several trails. I usually like the trail that travels through the park with views of some of the manmade lakes. The scenery is wonderful and peaceful.

Anyway, my daughter and I decided we would walk 4 days a week and possibly twice on weekends. A good start plan I must add and we started off excited. We are walking with the intent of losing weight and toning up.

Our walk will begin by stretching and loosing up the muscles so we will not cramp for about 5 minutes. We will do various leg stretching exercises. After we have stretched enough, off to the trails we go.

Our pace is a steady one. It is what I will call walking faster than a stroll, just enough to get your heart rate going. As we are walking my daughter is usually busily chatting about her friends, classes and just college life in general. Along mid-way into our walk I began to slow down. My calves begin to tighten up- I guess I did not stretch enough. So my pace has begun to slow down and now the fun starts.

At this time Z has begun her motivational speeches of how I just can’t stop and how I must continue the pace we started. She continues on with “visualize the end mom” and “you can do it”. I began to smile to myself while trying to maintain our original pace.

Now we are approaching a hill and I want to slow all the way down because I am hot and my breathing has become heavy. Z is not having it! The girl is on a mission and I feel as though she is trying to kill me. She grabs my hand and encourages me on ahead without skipping a beat. I am still trying to get her to slow down but she just forges on and even increase the pace.

Her speeches are really kicking in, “remember the reason we are walking”,  “how bad do you want it” and  “stay focused”. I am smiling really big right about now. She is wondering why I am smiling and I told her I am just glad she is walking with me. However, that wasn’t the real reason I was smiling.

It was at that point when I realized Z really has listened to me during all the nights and mornings I have had to encourage her through her challenges of classes, friendships, and just regular college life as well as during her teenage years.

I have had my moments when I really did not know if she was listening to me or not. Well, I no longer have to wonder. She does listen and that makes me feel good. All of my late night conversations and during her “my life is going to end” teenage years did not fall on deaf ear.

At this point in her life I realize that growing up can be challenging and I am no longer trying to tell her how to live or what to do. I have taken the road of making suggestions to allow her to see both sides of any given situation and I hope and pray for the best for her.

Anyway, if you are wondering if your teenagers are listening, more than likely they are even though they may not show any signs.

You know the regular signs of “eyes looking up and around the room”, the look of “what are you talking about mom”, “the blank stare” and you just wondering, if your teenager is listening at all. Don’t let the typical teenager expressions or lack there of stop you from telling them what they need to know. Keep talking to your teenagers, their life depends on it.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) I have found if the child departs from what you have instilled into him temporarily, he will usually return to it at a later time.

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Summertime Activities for Teenagers

19097.jpg courtesy of

It is the start of summer and school is out, what do you have planned for your teenagers? Now is not the time for your teenagers to hang around the house idle and without definite plans for the summer. Teenagers should be engaged in some type of activity to keep them busy and to ward off boredom.

The three summertime activities to consider for teens to remain productive during the summer months are: working a summer job, volunteering, or attending a class.

While summer is a time for vacation and relaxation, it is also a time to maintain a productive level of learning for your teen. The level of learning should encompass what the teen should know as a young adult as well as a continual student. Take this time to determine what is best for your teen, of course fun should not be left out but it should not necessarily be the primary focus.

The summertime activities for teenagers can be a great opportunity in building character by incorporating structured pastimes.

The activities of:
• Working a summer jobteens applying for jobs

This is a great opportunity to teach your teen the concept of earning, saving and spending money. When the teen earns his/her own allowance and is encouraged to practice a budget, it creates the responsibility of where and when to spend money. The take away from this could be the foundation of how the teen relates to money as an adult.

If the teen cannot find a part-time job, the encouragement to create an opportunity should not be eliminated. If your teen is a boy, he can be encouraged to cut the neighbor’s lawn, clean up garages and wash cars for neighbors for a fee. If your teen is a girl, she can be encouraged to babysit for neighbors on a Saturdays to enable mothers to run errands for a small hourly fee.

• Volunteering

teen voluntter courtesy of cityoflifecdc.orgWhen your teen volunteers, it teaches him/her to give back to the Community.
The act of doing for others that are less fortunate, elderly or assisting others is a great character builder. It lets your teen know that we as a Community are all connected to one another and that no man is an island.

There may be volunteering options at your local children’s hospitals, senior living communities, local community centers, daycare centers, YMCA and YWCA agencies.

Volunteering also fosters giving. Giving of your time to help others is a valuable resource when taught to your teen at an early stage. Consequently, the ability to give back puts the teen in position to receive gifts of talents, time and resources from others as well.

• Taking a classteen class courtesy of

The summertime is also a great time to take a class. The class does not have to be limited to education but for fun as well. Classes for tutoring in areas where the teen could use additional instruction should be considered if needed. All classes should be considered such as swimming, art, karate, music, driving or almost anything that interest your teen should be considered. Learning can be fun if the correct approach is taken at this time, after all it is summertime.

Summertime is a great family time of vacation, but if planned properly it can also serve as a time to maintain productivity for a young teen.

But don’t wait too long to spring into action because of the various deadlines on classes, limited opportunities on part-time jobs and volunteer options.

The age of your teen should be considered when taking into account any of the above mentioned activities to ensure your teen gets the most out of the opportunity.

Enjoy the summer!

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The television influence on teenagers

everyday postI was flipping through the channels and ran across a show called The Bad Girls Club. This is a show I have never watched so I decided to find out why it is called The Bad Girls Club. Well, it did not take long for me to find out. The behavior of those young women was ridiculous. The language was foul and their actions towards one another were simply barbaric. I could not believe this was really on television.

It is more apparent today than ever that the television influence on teenagers is dictating their behavior and parents should be aware and use more supervision.

The teen years are difficult enough on parents as well as the teen without the barbaric behavior that is portrayed on today’s television. Yes, the television is purely entertainment and with that it should be supervised. Gone are the family and light hearted comedy shows to be replaced by reality tv. Not all reality shows are created equal but there are a few that should be banned but I know this will never happen because society loves drama.

Parents must do their due diligence and decide what is appropriate and what is not. Shows such as:

  • The Bad Girls Club
  • All the reality housewives shows
  • The Mob Wives
  • The Jersey Shore (not sure if this is still on…after the hurricane hit the area)
  • The Family Guy

This is not a complete list but those that particularly stand out to some teenagers. Shows such as the ones listed are a direct influence on teenagers of our society.

It is my belief that bullying, foul language, violence, drinking and sex can be a direct relation to the entertainment that is watched on television and influencing teenagers.

No I am not an advocate of government censorship but I am an advocate of parental censorship. Parents you must take an active interest in what your child(ren) is watching on the tv.

The behavior of bullying, foul language and fighting can be found on The Bad Girls Club in great abundance. The young women are selected for the show based upon their “bad” behavior. Your young teen will learn how to bully others and resolve conflict by fighting from this show. No positivity can be found from watching the behavior of these young women.

youhavemorethanyouthink.orgThe Real Housewives shows are a depiction of a lack of communication and bullying among adult women that have money. It may have been the thought that “money or wealth” breeds a certain class of individuals, well these shows proves that to be false as well. These so called wives and girlfriends (on The Basketball Wives show) are just a pack of women that run together to show what money cannot do for you and how it does not dictate behavior. Noone on the show particularly displays a voice of reason only individuals that condone violence and a pecking order of one person leading “the pack” while everyone else follows and watch the madness unfold.

Mob Wives Chicago courtesy of

Mob Wives Chicago courtesy of

The Mob Wives are self-explanatory. These wives are shown to be devoted to their husbands but they also dictate a pecking order of follow the leader.

The Jersey Shore is a show of young adults partying, drinking and what happens when they sober up. These young adults are not shown to have much restraint or discipline only what happens when there is too much partying and drinking going on.

The Family Guy, I don’t quite get this show but what I do get is the lack of respect that is depicted along with the adult content while done in a cartoon manner. Don’t let the cartoon delivery fool you, watch the show. It is adult in nature and should not be viewed by young teenagers.

No, you cannot be with your teen 24/7 but you can have discussions of what and why they should not watch certain shows. There should be some supervision on your part of censorship depending on the age of the child and this should be followed with a discussion. The teenagers should be made aware of why you don’t condone the show and how if watched regularly the negative behavior could be unconciously developed and displayed during times of conflict.

Parents should no longer wonder why their teenager display certain behaviour but focus more on teaching how to respond to unproductive and demeaning actons from others. The teenagers are in a fight for their lives and it is our job to give direction, advice and support in a more positive development if we wish to see a change in our young adults.

The influence television has on teenagers can be minimized if and when we as parents provide more positive reinforcement and supply them with the proper tools on how to resolve conflict and how to treat others.

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