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The Monkeys are trying to take over….

This morning when I got up to do my usual ritual, meditate and read something spiritual. I found it quit difficult to get my mind under control. You see I have what has been described as a “monkey mind”. My … Continue reading

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Don’t give into the Menopausal Monster

When I turned 40 I noticed a change was taking place. This change not only affected me emotionally, but physically as well. When I realized it was Menopause, I thought I am now that woman. You know the woman; some … Continue reading

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Eating during menopause has turned into a second job

Everywhere I turn these days, I am noticing advertisements giving advice on how to lose unwanted pounds, on what to eat and what not to eat, on exercise, this diet plan vs. that diet plan and on being healthy. I … Continue reading

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21 st Century Grandmothers

Now that I am older but not a grandmother yet, I have come to understand the different aspects of possibly being a grandmother. Being a 40’s kind of woman really sheds new light on a lot of different phases in … Continue reading

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Leaving a Heart Print

What kind of impression do you leave on others after you have passed through their life? What will you be remembered for? I often wonder what type of impression I leave on others. Should I have done this or said … Continue reading

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Moms Managing Life With Children

I am sure you have read many articles on how to balance a professional life along with work. But what I have found is most of those articles are posed at the working professional mother and not the blue collar every … Continue reading

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